The House (2011) - Finally

'The House' was my final year project back in 2011. I never got around submitting much of it online. 
Having spent all this time on, it would be a not showing anything.

Asa reminder, 'The House' was a 2D point&clic, horror/survival video game demo. It's the story of Sarah, a 10 year old little girl, who wakes up one night after a terrible nightmare, in an unknown, yet strangely familiar house that appears to be filled with monsters which she can only fight with her sketchbook.

Here's the trailer I made back then for the project :  (the gameplay video coming up tomorrow)

And here are some of the screens that appears in the concept menus of the demo.


Here are some ine game screen grabs :

Here are two "game design roughs" I found that I find so messily confusing that I thought they belonged there too.

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