Neko no Kotoba

Neko no Kotoba is a french-japanese vocabulary textbook written by Frédéric Barazer (also author of  the "neko no te", and the "manekineko" textbooks at Ellipses editions)

Flohock and I worked in collaboration on the book and did about 20 black and white illustrations and the cover.

You can order the book here on Amazon

Here are some images taken from the book :

Original cover proposal (rejected) :
It was what the author had originally in mind but the commercials considered the cat had the wrong attitude (sitting lazily with food) and was sending a bad message to a public of learners.

Second proposal :

4 seasons

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  1. Bah du coup, la cover est pas si moche que ca, je m'attendais à un truc kitch au possible mais là non, c'et juste mal maquetté en fait :D ahahaha! Sinon chouettes illus!