Art Postcards

I received the postcards I ordered from Moo a while ago. They ended up much darker than what I expected but the paper finish is really neat. I'll be proposing them at the Japan Touch convention, next 10th and 11th of November. I hope they'll have some success :)


  1. Très joli rendu malgré tout. Vive le "sexy finish" n'est-ce pas ?
    J'aime bien le chat "Watch you sleeping". Faudrait que je te donne ma nouvelle adresse. ^^'

  2. I can't decide if these art post cards are a sign of success on the path of the artist, or a sign of irredeemable consumerist corruption. I guess its neither either. Anything that gets your work out there is a good thing, even if it is on the back of environmental degradation.

  3. Une tres belle trouvaille à la Japan Touch de Lyon!!
    toutes les cartes sont sous cadre ;)
    j'te souhaite de continuer, tu fais du magnifique travail!