Extrasolar Ichthyornis

More or less the same guy as here in colours. The leg design is different (it would fuse at the equivalent of the ankle instead of the knee. But it doesn't make much sense either way)

More about the critter :

This critter is a vertebrate amphibian that evolved to resemble a bird. It would live in the equivalent of Earth mangroves.

 It would spend a good amount of its time  in shallow water, much like an otter where it hunts small fish. Its retractile throat sensory organ gives it a very acute sense of smell underwater. Aided by its eyes, who would perform relatively well above and under water. While swimming, it would prefer to keep its arms and claws in their lateral pouch to gain hydro-dynamism.

The arms claws are used to climb on trees above the water where it can use a different hunting strategy. Hanging upside down from its only foot it can strike fast with its long neck and catch passing fish. The Bright blue sacks on its back are specialized vocalisation organs it uses to call mates.

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