Photoshop Brushes

I've been asked a few times what brushes I use. Those are, roughly, the ones I like working with the most in photoshop. The two first are standard default brushes. The others come from other artist's sets that they generously shared online. I'm linking to them here :

    * Yumedust's Brushes : [link]
    * Kuroitora's brushes : [link]
    * Ramon Miranda's awesome Oil brushes : [link]
    * Mark Winter's Chalk brushes that I just love : [link]
    * Rahll : [link]
    * AlectorFencer's brush set : [link]

And here an interresting tuto by Daarken about custom brushes :[link]

And here's the Brush Sharing thread on where you can come across some very neat things:  [link]

I do use personal custom brushes for painting but they're generally quite specific (scales, custom hair) and I don't save them when the image is done. But I've regretted that choice a few times. I think I'll start keeping them in a corner and sharing them with whoever might find them useful.


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