Hysterical Minds - Libro Retrospectiva

 Libro Retrospectiva by the collective Hysterical Minds is out :)
On of my pieces was selected for the book.

"Retrospectiva is a meticulous selection  that gathers some of the best multidisciplinar works that saw the light during the first two years of our collective's life, and therefore reflects our group essence in such a lapse of time, and a synthesis of what we want to convey.
And not just that, but much more. t's an impeccable work of art in itself. It appears as a walk through these pieces from emerging artists from all around the globe that marks an inflection point in the trayectory of our craft. Today you will have in your hands the seeds of some great artists that will be renowed tomorrow. Each page in this work of limited edition will surprise and inspire you. You cannot miss it."

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  1. Félicitations! C'est juste trop la classe! ;)