Swift Portrait - speed practice

I really need to do more speed paintings. Ideally every day. Even better, without refs, or from life.
Well this is a shy start. It's painted from a photo from Wikipedia by Monika Korzeniec (clickety click ) , 30 minutes on photoshop.
Maybe there'll be more but I'm not sure I'll post them. Because they're mostly exercices that don't have an artistic quality.

Anyway, this is a common swift (Apus apus).  They are often confused with Swallows though they are completely different species. Their characteristic screeching cries resonate in the summer sky as they sweep at 220 km per hour over our heads.

 Additionally, some ink sketches of swifts in flight.


  1. Le portrait est juste superbe! Très vivant en plus! Chapeau bas!

  2. Well done! It's very nice to see how the true artist gives a new life to my photos :)