Seaside Cybule

Cybules are amphibian animals that live on coastal areas. They take advantage of the strong marine winds and ridge lift to fly and feed on fish. They are extremely agile when in the water and their large mouths filled with long pointed teeth help them to catch fast and agile prey. Sometime sea mammals.

Females are larger than males and possess fin-like, rigid features on their heads. Females have several males, generally three or four and they stay together for life until the female dies.

They are social animals and live in groups up to 50 individuals. They scatter to feed and then come back to the same spot to sleep at night.


The anatomy in this picture does not make much sense buuut I like these little guys. Hope you like them too.
Also... Here are some preliminary doodles from my sketchbook. The genders are reversed though, with females being more dominant.

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