Sammy : Zombie Killer Cat

Samaël (aka Sammy), my cat, is a successful post-apocalyptic zombie killer. When he is not busy laying all day on his lazy ass, that goes without saying. He's currently trying to quit smoking.

For those who didn't know, Sam actually has his own blog : clickety click
Though it is rarely updated and needs to to have this farce of a design replaced for something sexier. And that goes for all my sites... They all look like a bunch of starving graphical hobos.

But stay tuned! The blog MAY turn out into something funny and geeky.
And you can participate by drawing Mr. Sammy in all his ass kicking gloriousness in any style and even write, if that's your tool of the trade!


  1. Unfortunately this is totally wrong. Sammy celling cat, and post apocalyptic zombie slayer would never use a Rifle. Samurai sword is much more his style. From celling to zombie decapitation is what must be, not kitty kat rifle zombie snipping. Must give cookies for the bar, stick with nails in and good old herb. Yes it is herb, cats love herb plants and are the Guardians of them.

  2. Good old zippos I never see enough cats holding them and having a smoke. I'm so deprived in this regard

  3. MAWOOOOOOOO! <3 <3 <3 <3! Sammy il est juste trop fort!