Two worlds.

You won't see a lot of photography from me but I wanted to share this one shot with you.
These are the original colours, they were not edited, and neither was the contrast.

Many people loath flies, but they are simultaneously repulsive and incredibly amazing. Not only are they fascinating animals, with an anatomy very different from ours and so very effective but these small creatures also play an important role in nature. And species like Drosophila melanogaster are a very important tool for biology and science.

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  1. The Fly

    Little Fly,
    Thy summer's play
    My thoughtless hand
    Has brushed away.

    Am not I
    A fly like thee?
    Or art not thou
    A man like me?

    For I dance
    And drink, and sing,
    Till some blind hand
    Shall brush my wing.

    If thought is life
    And strength and breath
    And the want
    Of thought is death;

    Then am I
    A happy fly,
    If I live,
    Or if I die.