Moonlight griffin - OLD vs NEW

this was done in 2006. It is actually the first I ever submitted to DeviantArt and one of my firsts with photoshop. 

 This is the same picture, redone in 2011.

I saw many people doing this and instead of using my little spare time to do things I should actually do, I decided to give the meme a try. The concept is to take an old picture you used to like and redraw it with your current skill level to see if there was an improvement.

Even though I haven't improved nearly as much as I would have wanted. It still shows that there was some improvement along the way and that It will, hopefully continue that way. :)

The idea to do this came from Bampire's "draw it again" meme. Original can be found here.


  1. Oh, la progression de fou furieux!!! Purée! Ca tue! Y'a une ambiance de dingue dans la dernière!

  2. Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je préfère la nouvelle version...