This is a little creature concept for... Nothing in particular.
I was inspired by a friend's original species, called Florae, who are in fact more plant-like than insect-like.
I tried to use the typical insect exoskeleton structure but with bird wing structure. I have no idea if that would work, but it does look cool. :)
Anyway, go check her stuff, it's worth the look :  Kuroe
The colour pattern and anatomy details were greatly inspired by the famous Blepharopsis's images of praying mentis.

I hope you'll find it interesting :)


  1. Oh yes ! Comme il est bon ce concept ! J'adore les insectes, je valide. J'aimerais bien le prendre en photo dans la nature lui. Cela me changerait des petits scarabées.

  2. Là, tu m'as tué! WELL DONE BABY!

  3. Il a carrément plus de gueule que le mien! Va falloir que je le rende classe, ce pauvre homme plante...

  4. Belle interprétation ! Les couleurs sont magnifiques =o

  5. Malgré ma phobie des insectes celui ci est tellement beau que je pourrais l'aimer .