Coelacanth goldfish

This was originally a little black and white sketch, I had completely forgotten in some obscure part of my hard drive. By sketch I mean a round shape with a cute eye...I came across it the other say and really need to drop the diploma for a minute so here it is, finished.

It wasn't supposed to be a Coelacanth, but then, I added those lobe fins placed, I admit it, rather randomly and and now it does have this characteristic look. A little coelacanth-goldfish cute thing.

They come in 5 different colours, thrive in large tanks with cold water. They are affectionate and adorable! Order your coelacanth-goldfish now! Buy 2 and get the third for free!


  1. Il est vraiment trop mimi. *____* Viens par ici petit Findus...

  2. Trop chouuuupi! Je devrais te le piquer tellement il est beau!

  3. Trop choupiii!
    Je pourrai en avoir une impression pour mettre dans mon projet édito? :3

  4. Je t'en filerai un beau en A4 :3

  5. why does it have a paired anal fin? coelacanths only have two sets of paired fins...

  6. it has too many fins altogether:

    1. Hi Petr, like I said, it's not supposed to be a coelacanth. Hell, it's not even supposed to be a real fish. Just look at its absence of mouth parts and completely non anatomical gills. It however had a similar "look" to the untrained eye, hence the name.

      I do appreciate the rigor and the comment though. Thanks for stopping by.