Anatomy of Angels...

Or why it really is preferable to just put some huge wings on a guy's back.

Because no matter how anatomically incorrect it is, it really looks much better. I wasn't even able to find a place for arms in all that chest muscle. (actually...after having a second look at anime wing anatomy, I'm taking that back. Please, try to keep it decently believable...)

When drawing winged creatures we, (myself included) often underestimate the importance of chest muscle, and its supporting bone in birds, the keel bone. The muscles generating most of the power necessary for flight are the chest muscles, the wings have little muscle in comparison. But in humanoids, a keel bone really isn't very sexy.

This drawing was the result of me wanting to get my mind off the diploma a little and have some fun putting together some human and some bird in a different way.

I hope you'll enjoy that and that your eyes won't need bleaching.

I also think that a better way to make flying humanoids would be to reference a lot Albatrosses' flight and anatomy. They have relatively small chest muscles compared to their size, and the length of their wings but they are extremely efficient gliders once they become airborne.
That said, a human capable of flying the way birds do would probably have their anatomy so twisted to fit the requirements of flight that they wouldn't really look much human anymore.
A more interesting directions would be on the side of bats, who at least are also mammals.

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