The House : Monsters

A few more images for "The House", my  diploma video game project. Those are a few ideas for monsters that could appear at the end of Chapter I and in chapter II. I was asked to propose less polished images and a wider variety of monster types. (apart from the dog based ones that are the Naked Atrocity and the Howler.)

All of the monsters do have a meaning in the game and are related to Sarah's fears or traumatic experiences.

for the SH fans out there, Abstract Mommy is a direct reference to SH2's emblematic monster Abstract Daddy. The names are not the final ones so I allowed myself to have some fun :)


  1. Tes monstres font de plus en plus peur! J'aime beaucoup le chat!

  2. Excellent ces petits monstres ! Attention tout de même au nom du chat. Dans "Volt" de Disney, la chatte noire s'appelle Mittens. Clin d'oeil involontaire ?

  3. "Mittens" (mouffles en anglais) est un nom assez commun pour les chats avec des "chaussettes" ou le bout des pattes d'une autre couleur.
    Là, les "mouffles" étant des sacrés foutues lames :D