The House : Howlers

Here is another monster concept for "The House" game project. You might have seen these guys before as they are not entirely new. I sketched them a year ago as a game monster idea without knowing I'd have the occasion to really use them.

Like the Naked Atrocity, they are based on dogs. Exept they are given bird-like characteristics. Talon-like claws, a long, flexible neck and a beak-like mouth.
Again, this is not the final design for them, and there will be minor changes as I model them in 3D but it gives a pretty good idea of what they will look like.

The second image, is directly referenced from a fox carcass.

1 comment:

  1. Too good, too good.
    By good I obviously mean fantastic in the realms of eat your flesh off your bones while your still screaming "what the bloody hell is happening" with an eerie howler cry still running through ones mind. I fondly remember when these little fella's scurried out your brain.