Côtelette Wants You...

I am looking for voice actors for my diploma project.
Like I said on the blog in earlier posts, the project is a first person horror/survival game with Myst-like point and clic gameplay with fight sequences.

The game itself is in English and set in England and that's why I would have liked English voices. Most of the dialogues are text only, but I would need voices for the cut scenes and the intro cinematic.

The main protagonist is a 9 year old little girl called Sarah.
At some point she encounters the Sphinx-cat (Chat-Sphinx) who is a human headed and winged naked cat. Though genderless looking, it is male and I would need a a adult male voice.

If you want to participate to the project and have access to decent recording equipment send me a mail!
Côtelette will like you!


  1. cookie + cookie + cookie + cookie + cookie + cookie + darkones blood - cookie + two cookies! = infinitesimal cookie conundrum

  2. Très "rigolote" cette affiche ! J'espère que tu trouveras ton bonheur pour les voix. C'est dommage, je croyais qu'il fallait faire la voix de côtelette. je me serais bien proposé sinon...

  3. I can fake an English accent, thought not a terribly good one. Something akin to an Englishman trying to speak with an American accent, I'd wager.

    I'd also have to hunt around for decent recording equipment.

    That notwithstanding, I have a deep, smooth voice that would probably lend itself well to this.

  4. Well, I am definitely interested :)
    Maybe we could do a few tries with test sentences. I would appreciate it if you could send me a little email so I have your address and we can work on this.

    Thank you for your interest!