Kaléidoscope n°60

 What is the kaleidoscope? It's a weekly challenge and game started by a few students from the Emile Cohl school. Every week a theme is chosen and the participants create something according to that theme. Then watchers of the blog have to guess the theme. It is open to everyone. And here is the Forum .

This week, I couldn't do what I wanted to do (again) but I am  proposing a little W.I.P. instead. This is another collaboration project with Corone, of one of ther characters. The answer to this week's theme is in the picture though mine might not be that obvious.

Last week's theme was "Reptiles".  :)

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  1. Plutot obvious par rapport à d'autres :p
    J'attends de voir la version finale !

  2. Cool le wip.
    Encore une belle colab ;)

  3. Très cool ce WIP. La colo est très bien. L'ambiance est déjà là :)