The House : Naked Atrocity

Here are a few more ideas for a creature for my diploma game project. This time, one of the monsters you fight. The key elements here were cow carcasses and skinned dogs.
Someone pointed out that the exposed throat could act like a "plunger" and from there came the idea to eventually make it stick on the ceiling like a carcass hanging from a meat hook.

On a similar note, it would jump on the prey/player and suffocate them with it's throat or eventually drown them spitting blood and other bodily fluids. As you have guessed, it will not be a game for kids :)

Those are quick sketches and the final design for the creature is not defined yet. I'm also working on other monsters that I may post here as well.

The last image, is a quick preliminary 3D render with the creature photoshoped on it. The game demo will be in 2D though.

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