Christmas requests 2010

This christmas I decided to do something special on my deviantart account. I proposed to draw quick images for people who would comment on my journal and ask something. These are the ones I made so far, a few are still missing and I will post them as soon as I finish them. :)

 A dragon character called Shila for Dragoburnhard.
 A yet unnamed character for Raineve.
 Shen for ShinigamiSquirrel.

 Mekolai for DragonnessMekolai.
 A creature called a Nata for Tearup.
 NonName for SapphireEssence.

 Denali for Windfeathers.
 Steve for Hfoursaur.

844 for Ryulouis64.
an Axolotl for Ambyst

Axolotl are actually considered critically endangered in the wild. Learn more about them and their conservation status here.

 Vyraknai for Traediras

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