Glimmering night on a two moon world

This is a collab picture with V-Smoke (on deviantart). We agreed to draw her character Smoke in a night atmosphere. The rest was totally random.
As always, we both worked on every stage of the painting taking the .psd in turns and giving each other advice by writing text all over the picture. I can't emphasize how much I like to work that way in comparison to more conventional "one does the lines and the other colours" style of collabs.
It really allows one to go into different directions and try things they would normally wouldn't.
Dropbox is a great tool for sharing resources and references in that context.

If anyone asks about about why the head is facing us while we can see the character's back, let's jus say this is an owlcat. (those are convenient :D )

Also, I really encourage you to check out V-smoke's gallery on DA and have a glimpse or her own work.

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