A Book Of Not So Holy Gods

This are the pages from a book I made last year as part of an assignment. I couldn't get any photos of the final, but if get the opportunity, I will post them here. Some of the images are monotyping, others like the tree, are linocuts.

The concept behind it was to represent unconventional deities. Some of you might recognise Cy, the little cyclop kitten become famous on the internet. Others might be more obscure.


  1. Je me souviens de ce bouquin. Je le trouvais très attirant de part son étrangeté.

  2. Purée ça gère la fougère!!! J'aimerais le voir en vrai! Mention spéciale pour le dernier qui poutre son cul de poney!

  3. Love this..

    Sorry for the ego hate untruth.