The white tip

Quick speed painting before going to bed. This is (or as close as I can go) a whitetip reef shark. It was referenced from several images, most notably wikipedia.
This image doesn't really make them justice, they truly are amazingly beautiful creatures. The subtle variations in colour of their skin is impossible to accurately convey in this style.

Ever since I first saw Mike Rutzen's documentary on tonic immobility in sharks, my vision on them has changed and the more I learn, the more I love them.

Sadly, sharks are endangered by the excessive fishing, especially for their fins for the Asian market.
Here are a few sites of support and conservation if you want to have a look :)

Sharktrust a UK charity
Shark Alliance a coalition of non-governmental organisations for the conservation of sharks.

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  1. Ooooh! De loin on aurrait dit une photo! o___O