Midnight Scene

This is a collaboration between me and the awesome Corone. You might have seen a preview of it in here that I posted recently. And It is finally done after a long long time.
It was the usual everyone-works-on-everything sort of collab which is always very enjoyable. Corone did most of the job on the characters while I worked mainly on the background and lighting.

The creepy little red-eyed kid is Camille, Corone's character, having a lunch. (and believe me he doesn't sparkle!) And the white-haired one is Shü, my character, dieing probably.

Don't hesitate to have a look at Corone's gallery for beautiful and dark pictures.

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  1. "He doesn't sparkle" XD ha, tout le monde aime Toilette. "wha-at?! he sparkles?! Is he a fag or something?" <= réaction de Lestat, choisie parmi tant d'autres...
    (c'est morgane, comme l'indique pas mon pseudo)