Kaléidoscope n°45

What is the kaleidoscope? It's a weekly challenge and game started by a few students from the Emile Cohl school. Every week a theme is chosen and the participants create something according to that theme. Then watchers of the blog have to guess the theme. It is open to everyone. And here is the Forum .

This week's theme is really really simple to guess....
I thought about drawing something funny, making a little strip, or making a chibi-me. I also considered painting something quick from a photo when I got out of time. But, instead I decided to put this very old drawing. Because, no matter what I've drawn since then, this still feels more like "me" than anything else.

 But because it is a bit depressing and everything.
I decided to show you some brighter things. This was never published on the blog until now and I couldn't resist. xp This is an old meme I did over at DeviantArt, in all it's silliness.

And this... Is for the heck of it : (I'll probably add  wrinkles and creepy stains later on it xp )

Other participants, check them out !

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 Elodie, Cely , Elodie , Flohock , Klem , Léa , Line , LNA , Sel , Laure,


  1. Haha j'adore ta photo :D
    Et puis le premier autoportrait, un regard sombre sous la neige, c'est cool ;)
    Bravo :)

  2. Oula, que de facettes différentes ! Si avec ça les gens devinent pas, c'est que je n'y comprend plus rien !
    En tout cas c'est bien d'apporter différentes techniques au Kaléidoscope, ça enrichi^^

  3. holala me tire jamais la langue je crois que je me ferai pipi dessus en m'évanouissant

  4. Very mysterious for the first one. I like that!

  5. Ah ! Bien cool !
    La dernière, un peu flippante... mais je suis fan de la première, elle est top ! Avec l'ajout de la cicatrice, ça rajoute un petit air mystérieux. :)

  6. Tout tes autoportraits sont pas mal du tout ^^ Le meme est très drôle. Par contre, la dernière photo...Que dire...Elle fait peur mais en même temps, c'est super bien fait ^^

  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Le dernier est mon préféré! :D

  8. hahah I remember you making this meme, it was a awesome night and a different world back then. It's inaccurate now though, the last one should be you mathuie and your cats.

  9. and your most certainly no werewolf, we were wolfs know our own xp