How I do Advertising

This was one of our assignment at school.
We had to do the concept for an animated Jingle that would be used to advertise for our school. Since it is common knowledge that I hate animation from the bottom of my warm little heart and that I also like to whine and rant a lot, I decided that I would make something with practically no animation, a quasi non-existent background and no colours. But also something that would give the compete opposite message.

Since I am ALSO a lazy ass, I am not translating it all right now. But I will upadate soon enough.
Basically, Matt the depressed student tells the world how he had to sell his kidney, then indulge in prostitution to pay the (quite expensive) fees. He then explains, how after 4 years his self esteem was nuked from orbit before shooting himself in the head.

I enjoyed making this far too much for my own good :D

The savagely vectorised picture in the first page was stolen from a fellow photograph on DA : DragonofLust


  1. Et ben... OO ... c'est glauque quand même, tu as une belle vision de l'école !!

  2. OUIIIIIIIIII! C'est trop bieeeeeeeeeeeen! La pub selon Rhynn! :D