Creatures of the Shüna : Lokh - Huwa

I decided to rework on several old concepts from an even older graphic novel project I had with a friend. (maybe 7 years ago now?)

This is a first step in the revamp of one of the many creatures of the Shüna, a very large peninsula in the world where the story is set.

The Lokh-Huwa are a species of flying reptiles that are used for transport and occasionally food.

It is only a draft, because I drew them from memory and missed certain aspects I liked about them that I wanted to keep in their design. The tail structure and the heavy built among other things. (though it doesn't really make sense in a flying animal.)

I will probably make a flightless, bigger breed that goes more in that direction.

I also need to rework on the Lokh-Avaa, a taller, leaner version of the Huwa.

Here is the original version of the Huwa :

More sketches to come of this guy, along with some info. I hope you'll enjoy.


  1. Most certainly enjoy and look forward to more to come. Yay to the creatures of the Shuna!!

  2. and the flora and fauna of course, not forgetting to mention the many wonderous varietys of fungi, no doubt. They make the world go round you know xp