Persian Sphinx

And yet....Another sphinx. (Talk about an obsession...)
Anyway, this is a speed painting I did during lunch break using a few new brushes that I scavenged on internet.

The hairdress and jewellery was inspired by a documentary I saw about the Wodaabe, a nomad ethnic group from Sahel.

Neat brush packs  :
  • Yumedust's Brushes : Click ! 
  • Ani-r 's brushes : Click ! 
  • Kuroitora's brushes : Click !
  • Ramon Miranda's awesome Oil brushes : Click! 
  • Mark Winter's Chalk brushes  : Click!
And here's the Brush Sharing thread on where you can come across some very neat things.

And here an interresting tuto by Daarken about custom brushes.


    1. Speed mais vraiment cool, les touches et la forme du drapé, les bijoux, les couleurs, j'aime

    2. Waah je l'adore, il est vraiment trop beau *^*. En particulier le visage et les couleurs.

    3. Superbe sphinx, vraiment belle image :D

    4. Vraiment bien ce personnage je l'adore vraiment j'espère que tu vas le poursuivre parce que tu tiens un super truc là.