Le Cygne

Maybe some of you will remember this picture. This is the (finally) coloured version of a sketch I posted on this blog maybe a year ago. I tried to throw some colours on it without much success...
But I whipped myself a bit and finally worked my way until completion.

During the process I received help from a kick ass artist out there, Clint Clearley who has just started a PaintOver group over at DeviantArt ( click! ) and who was truly helpful in correcting some of my mistakes and pushing me toward another direction.
Here is the animation he made of the original and repainted versions : (click the picture to see animation)

And here is the original sketch for the picture :

The bird in the background isn't a goose but a black swan (Cygnus atratus), a large waterbird which breeds mainly in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia.


  1. Je préfère la deuxieme image, celle avec la lune! :)

  2. Très beau ton cygne, t'es une tarée du détail suggéré avec toutes ces plumes là !
    Zut, j'aurai bien dit plus mais j'ai déjà tout dit sur msn genre "wow la classe trop bien et tout, sympa l'aide du monsieur etc"

  3. Wow je trouve le final superbe!