Green Lady Bird

 So this originated from a discussion between me and Raeth about the different ways to anthropomorphize birds. We came to the conclusion that it is rather hard to do so in a realistic way (as opposing to cartoony)

So I gave it a try, trying hard not to make a monster.
This is the result. The lady bird was originally based on Kea birds (Nestor notabilis) a species of large mountain parrots ( on wikipedia ) but it quickly went into another direction.

Anyway, I hope this try was at least interresting for you guys. :) 
this is the uncensored version (I might add some clothes randomly soon)


  1. Eh elle est où sa robe blanche à petite fleurs ?! c'est pas un monstre mais quand même^^

  2. Tu rigoles mais elle devait VRAIMENT avoir une robe blanche à petites fleurs....