The Lion and the Sword

 "When the darkness fills your dreams...Find His place, let the smell of charred soil and warm ashes guide you. The Guardian will be there. He will not fight.
But He will give you the sword to stand against your fears and fight the shadows of your nightmares."

This is a picture that has waited in my hard drive to be finished for over a year...Maybe more. Probably more.
But I finally managed to make myself work on it and finish it.

It was done from a friend, Federschein (that you can find here : along with very pretty art.) She requested a firey lion.

The concept behind this image was some kind of dream setting, where this place would be the realm of the lion, accessible to anyone who's dreaming. And when a person is having a nightmare, they should seek the guardians help. The sword, being nothing else but the person's own will.

Here is the original sketch for the painting I did years ago. You can see that is was much more stylised than the final image.

Hope you guys like :)

Sketch done with ballpen.
And CG painting in photoshop.

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  1. J'aimerai savoir faire des beaux dessins avec des crayons/stylos et des jolies crinières et je parle même pas des épées et des cailloux/rochers ! Comme je t'enviiiie