This is a painting done for a friend to offer to another friend a present :)
You can find her blog here ( ) and her DeviantArt account here, go have a look. She kicks ass. I also recommend you go see her collaborative graphic novel project Darjeeling here :

Enough of advertising (though rightful !)
This is a wolf character called Lilü, I went for a dark night atmosphere to make the pale white of the fur stand out a little bit more. I really like this character and enjoyed working on this picture a lot.

I hope you like it guys :)

Photoshop over a pencil sketch.
And neat brushes.


  1. C'est vraiment très chouette!

  2. Très belles couleurs mon bébé ! J'adore ton ciel et ton décor même si ce n'est pas le sujet principal de ton dessin. Le loup est tout simplement magnifique et je ne cesse de m'interroger sur "Comment arrives-tu à avoir un tel rendu des poils ?".