Kaléidoscope n° 30, uh....31

Hmm Now that's much better :) 
Hello everyone, here's my first Summer Vacation Kaléidoscope. Since my internship started I didn't have much time to produce a decent picture for the occasion. BUT... I managed to scavenge a picture that fits this week's subject ~

It was never published on this blog and there are definitly many things I need to put here.
Anyway, here it is! (in case you are wondering this image is an ACEO, little art cards made for trading. you can learn more here :  http://www.art-cards.org/ )

Also, the theme of the last Kaleidoscope was words finishing with the sound [ou] or [oux], mine being "cailloux" = pebble :)

Check out the other participants!

Sayu, Léa , Vil, Gatha, CL, lna, et Khyleis!


  1. hum...i'm curious...how does this dragon fit this week's theme? you're going to have to explain some more... but nice dragon anyways!

  2. There's hum nothing to explain actually. ahem. I uh... Screwed up >_>

  3. Tu te serais pas planté à tout hasard ? ^^
    Anyway, bien fun le dragon :)

  4. je pense que tu as décalé ton kaléidoscope, tu es en avance :) mais c'est sympathique kuan même ^

  5. ?? mais bon c'est un dragon alors t'es excusée^^

  6. The cake is a lie! A lie a lie a lie a liiiiiiie!