Class Photo


Each year the third years student have a painting class with costumes.
And that's this years photo class with them.
Throw some photoshop fun in it and here you have!

A cookie for whoever finds me in this mess :)


  1. Jacob Taylor ( March 2010 at 20:59

    Bottom right corner, sitting down with a kind of shady costume (makes me think of that kind of person who quietly does some seemingly normal lower class job but secrets can get you a gun in two days or make a body disappear). Or i may be completely wrong, though if I'm right i spotted you in about 2 seconds and would like my cookie :P

    If im right....what in your mouth?

  2. You're right! Here's your cookie, and with pink sugar and cream on it, yes mister.

    I'm dressed as some kind of mercenary girl with a lollipop in the mouth and a knife in the hands. I was supposed to have two ponytails but I forgot them on the photo. :)

  3. yeah, i recognized you too :D

  4. Tu est celle la plus proche du sol ^^