Trois petites vieilles sur un banc

School assignment. It's a cover for a book by Jean Ray about three old ladies who spend their time sitting on a bench in a park when they're not grossly murdering people to eat them.  :)

The picture isn't completely finished, i'm going to rework on it but here's the current version and a w.i.p.
I'm going to add some more colors, like in the wip version.


  1. OMG, they're like....REALLY SCARY!!! you're a crazy girl you know that?! et sinon (petite remarque pas constructive pour un sou) ta vielle du milieu on dirait un homme!!

  2. Oui lol xp Je sais pas pourquoi mais "elle" me fait vachement penser a Salieri dans AMADEUS.
    faut que je change ca >_>

  3. Where can I find the English version of the story