Animation. Yep. beh

I'll be honnest and say I totally hate making animation. I really enjoy watching animated films but making anything animated is a nightmare. Therefore most of the animations i make are rushed, botched and made with the minimal images possible.

All these animations were school assignments. Animation class is part of the course.
We do traditionnal paper animation for the moment.

I have a lot of others animation but i can't get my hands on them...

The dragon in the begining was supposed to move his head and do funny things but someone took the computer i was using and changed the settings. I was totally not in the mood to recapture everything.

Some creature running and then stopping was the assignment. This was made with really few images and would have needed a lot of intervals.
that was made with photoshop, hence the not so shitty image quality.


  1. Though it seems tedious, your end results look great!

  2. These came out fantastic! My personal favorite is the flying one. You gave it a nice amount of weight and motion, so even without a background to indicate what's going on, it's still very clear just from the movement and momentum you gave it.
    You've said you don't enjoy animating, but you certainly know what you're doing with it.

  3. Woww c'est beau , malgré le fait que t'aime pas ça faire des animation le résultat est tout même magnifique, surtout le dragon qui vole

    c'est très impressionnant