An Animated Storyboard : Lilly

This is a short animatic, made for school.
The subject was : the master and their dog. I.. played with the subject a little.

The end isn't fully colored because i didn't have to.
As always this was made during the night (though i worked on it a little the say before).

Program used : photoshop and Premiere
Sounds mainly from :

The language is french..

That's more or less what they say :

Basically the little girls asks the first man if he has seen her dog. He tells her she shouldn't be out, late in the night and gives her a few coins so she can find somewhere to sleep.

The second guy comes and tells her he knows where her dog is.
She asks him if he heard what she was saying.
And the guy tells her to come with him, that he will help her.
She follows him.
then asks "sir...?"
He says he doesn't give a sh*** about her dog.

and she finally says : "maybe you've already found the dog. Muahahahahahaha !"

>_> that's it.


  1. Ahaha. That was great! It was cool seeing Lilly and Bargheist in action. What a devious girl, she is. I know you hate animating, but this turned out really nice too. xD